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Backed by over thirty years of experience, Salem & Shimko was established by Mark Salem and Daniel Shimko with the goal of bringing top-tier legal representation to the Brooklyn, New York Community. Providing relentless advocacy and creative solutions to the individualized needs of their clients, Salem & Shimko strategically litigate civil matters of all types before the state and federal courts of New York, New Jersey, and the United States.

SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY/MEDICAL MALPRACTICE – If you have lost a loved one, or if you or a loved one has been seriously injured, your compensation from those responsible and the insurance companies depend on quality and experienced litigators. With serious matters, you cannot let your case become lost among other similar cases. Mark Salem and Daniel Shimko run their practice based on the fact that no two cases are the same. Your case will be strategically litigated, taking into account the nuances unique to your circumstances. When you choose Salem & Shimko, Mark Salem and Daniel Shimko will handle your case from start to finish. When you have a question, Mark Salem and Daniel Shimko promptly return your calls with honest and professional advice. You should never have to wonder what is going on with your case. With serious injuries, the result of your case will impact the rest of your life. Salem & Shimko do not lose sight of this. At Salem & Shimko, the focus is you, the client. We do not get paid unless we get you compensation for your loss.

COMPLEX BUSINESS DISPUTES – The types of businesses operating in Brooklyn and New York City are just as diverse as the people who live here. Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes. As such, it is vital that the attorney handling the matter is a strong litigator with the confidence and experience required to understand all aspects of the case, and the court’s specialized procedures and rules so as to customize the best strategy to win your case. From simple partnerships, to large Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Corporations, Salem & Shimko is here to give you the legal advice and representation tailored to your business needs.

DIVORCESalem & Shimko has experience with all aspects of New York divorces, from simple uncontested divorces where two parties agree to the divorce, to complex contested divorces with child custody and high net worths at stake.

UNPAID WAGES An employer’s failure to properly pay wages is a serious and punishable matter under State and Federal Laws. These laws require strict compliance from employers in paying minimum and overtime wages for every minute worked – regardless of immigration status. If you think you are not being paid properly, do not take your employers “word” for it. Do not be cheated by your employer. Call Salem & Shimko for a free and private consultation to gain the upper hand. You may be entitled to not only back and unpaid wages, but additional wages as a penalty. Your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you for seeking reimbursement for unpaid wages or because you may be an illegal alien. We do not get paid unless we get you wages.

PROBATE/ESTATE ADMINISTRATION – Losing a loved one is difficult enough. Transferring their assets can be complex, confusing and time consuming. Often disputes can arise over who gets what. Salem & Shimko is well versed in the the special filing requirements and procedures of the Surrogate’s Court.

GUARDIANSHIP – It is hard to watch the ones we love struggle with their day-to-day needs, from getting proper medical treatment to paying bills and protecting investments. Often times, family-status does not enable you to interact with doctors, banks, and lenders on your loved-one’s behalf. Salem & Shimko can help achieve the proper status. Salem & Shimko has helped countless families with their guardianship needs.